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Past Workshops



Join Miss Coney Island 2024 for doggie & their person Yoga!

*All people MUST be accompanied by a DOGGIE.


We  recommend that participants bring their own mat. Post-class doggie & people treats included. All proceeds will benefit Coney Island USA!

Date: Sunday October 22nd, 2023

Time: Check in begins at 12:15pm. Class will be 12:30pm-1:30pm.

Price: $30 + tax 


Movement Missing Links: Active Recovery Masterclass

2.5 hour workshop

Things like recurring injury, training plateaus, and fatigue can be reflective of an over-extended nervous system. We all know it’s good to take “days off” from training, but what does that actually mean? Is there something in particular we can do on those days to stay embodied without over-exerting ourselves? How do we stay embodied in way that supports the big picture of our physical responsibilities and training goals?  How does one down-regulate the nervous system? How does that support physical training? Deeper sleep? Soft tissue health? Mood?


These questions and more will be explored in this 2.5 hour Masterclass for movers of all levels seeking more ease and adaptability in their bodies and movement. We’ll unpack how the nervous system that processes sensations that arise through movement training is also the same nervous system that processes sensations that arise through daily life- the feelings to which we ascribe meaning by calling them emotions- and what that means for how we can care for our bodies when certain stressful sensations are present. Participants will leave this workshop with a deeper felt sense of somatic embodiment as well as strategies for grounding, breathing, and mobilizing the body on the level of the nervous system. 

Date: Sunday June 5, 2022

Time: 2:00-4:30 PM

$100 + tax 

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $85 + tax until 5/22. Enter "MMLEARLYBIRD" at checkout!

Hips for Splits - LIVE with Nicki Miller

6 week series


This weekly 75 minute masterclass is progressively programmed to unpack and demystify the physical and mental actions that facilitate sustainable and pleasurable flexibility in a splits practice. This class is ideal for folks at an flexibility level who may be on the hypermobility spectrum, with an injury history, and or are new to a splits practice. Through embodied research and play, we'll go over some basic anatomy and experience how it can coordinate (or not coordinate), as well as practice the mental and attentional actions that enable deeper body awareness and enhance coordination when we train these skills.

Dates: Saturdays May 21, 2022 - June 25, 2022

Time: 1:00-2:15 PM

$240 + tax for 6 sessions

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $200 + tax until 5/14. Enter "HIPSEARLYBIRD" at checkout!















Nicki Miller (she/her) is an interdisciplinary poetic storyteller and body awareness/proprioception coach whose work lives at the intersection of science and mysticism. As an artist she is known for her work as co-founding artistic director of Only Child Aerial Theatre, residencies with Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden) and the 2016/17 New Victory LabWorks Program (NYC), and aerial choreography in theatrical works shown at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) and the Circus Now: International Contemporary Circus Arts Festival.  She will begin pursuing her MFA in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College in the fall of 2022.


Her work as a movement coach spans 15 years as a NASM certified personal trainer and over a decade of performing and coaching aerial silks and rope in NYC. Since 2020, Nicki's teaching has expanded to integrate principles and strategies of applied neuroscience and somatics into her movement practice and coaching.  She has taken certifications and courses typically aimed at physical therapists, largely inspired by her own lifelong difficulty with body awareness and motor control due to hypermobile connective tissue, scoliosis, and neurodivergency. While these modalities offer amazing strategies for expanding neuromuscular connections and capacities, they tend to be taught and applied through a paternalistic lens that distinguishes a brain/body/environment hierarchy in a dominating/subordinating way, functionally enabling dissociation of the mind, body, and environment from one another. This disconnect, which can inhibit the necessary mechanisms of neuroplasticity (read: healing) from occurring, led Nicki to seek tools that facilitate the development of physical attention and balance out these western perspectives with decolonial feminist ones. A full list of Nicki’s trauma-informed somatics education cal be found on her website. She is also an ongoing student of Bonnie Buckner Phd, an Imagery and Morphology expert (with an emphasis on the ancestral traditons of Jewish mysticism, Nicki's heritage) and student/mentee of Nita Little Phd, a leader in the field of somatic communication and co-creator of the field of contact improvisation.


Movement Missing Links is the lovechild of Nicki's research and practice, and offers both exercise strategies and approaches to somatic attention that help regulate the nervous system while expanding neuromuscular awareness and capacity.


MML dramatically reduces pain, increases coordination, builds confidence, and generates more embodied pleasure and joy in physical activity. Learn more:

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